Pet Travel Medicine                                            

We offer EU and EXTRA EU pet travel medicine including:

EU travel

Are you planning to discover Europe and would you like to bring your pet with you?  Are you relocating and your pet needs to travel back home? Please read carefully.

Europe requires valid rabies (minimum 21d  days earlier than the day of departure) and a pet travel document called Animal Health Certificate (HC).  The AHC is validated in Europe by the Custom-Official Veterinary Team in the EU Traveller Point of Entrance (TPE). The HC is valid for 4 months from the date of issue and it is issued by an Official Vet that held an appropriate qualification. The AHC could be issued max 10 days earlier than your departure. Remember that when you are returning back to UK you would needs a tapeworm treatment that needs be done by a EU vet from 120h to 24h earlier than your hour of entrance.

If you are in need of an AHC please contact us with advance, in order to avoid unpleasant delay due at invalid travel documents.