"How can i make contact with your service?"

To book an appointment with Panda Veterinary Services, you can reach us via phone call or text message at 07894569529. As we are often busy with consultations, we recommend texting us or sending a message via WhatsApp. Rest assured that as soon as we receive your message, we will prioritize responding to you promptly to schedule your appointment.

"How much it costs to book an appointment with you?"

The cost of a home visit can vary depending on factors such as urgency, the specific procedures to be performed, and the distance traveled. By providing estimates at the time of booking, we aim to ensure that our clients are aware of the expected costs upfront and can make informed decisions about their pet's care. Payment for our services can be made on the day of the visit. We accept various payment methods, including cash, card, or bank transfer, for your convenience. 

***** As a mobile veterinary service, we acknowledge that there can be various factors that may impact our ability to maintain strict appointment times. These factors include traffic conditions, unforeseen emergencies with other patients, or logistical challenges that arise during our route. To accommodate potential delays, we typically schedule appointments within a time slot of two hours. For example, if you book an appointment for 10:00 AM, the time slot may be from 10.00AM to 12:00 AM. We provide real-time updates about our estimated time of arrival (ETA) on the day of the appointment *****