Our Veterinary Services

At glance:

Routine Services

Sick pet consultations

We offer home visit for sick pets that needs to be seen by a vet. Home consultations are the  best option for those pets that have an anxious approach to the consult room.  A very great option for the owners too, saving car journeys and expensive petrol!

Exotics consultations

Behavioural Service

Nutrition Service


Videoconsultation could be useful for minor issues or those tricky situation where you would have a second opinion. 

Surgery, Laboratory Tests & Imaging

We use external laboratories to send out our samples.  This is helping us to keep the price affordable to reach a diagnosis. 

We are able to provide also x-rays, surgeries and scans, in collaboration with our partner practices. 

From Spring 2023, an ultrasound at-home service will be available.  Including Heart Scans. 

Pet travel medicine

If you plan a travel outside EU, please contact us with 6 months in advance as minimum. Several countries has long exporting-importing procedures.

Euthanasia at-home

We offer a dedicated at-home veterinary surgeon euthanasia serviceEuthanasia is the last act of love that you could decide for your own very loved pet. We are not "taking lives" but give them an option to stop suffering and to end the pain that an illness or age could provide. Euthanasia gives dignity to your pets, a stress free experience in their own enviroment.  We provide aftercare service too, with individual cremation & paw prints.